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CIB (Copper Ion Battery) Patent No. 7343116

CIB(Copper Ion Battery) Development product

Batteries change. The world changes.
CIB® (Copper-ion battery) is now available.

The global trend toward decarbonization has led to a wave of electrification, including electric vehicles.

It is no exaggeration to say that lithium-ion batteries are currently driving this electrification.


On the other hand, it is said that lithium will be depleted within 10 years if electrification continues at the current pace, and there have been moves in Europe and elsewhere to partially revise the electrification path.

However, the global decarbonization trend to reduce global warming-causing substances is not likely to stop.

Against this backdrop, we have been developing batteries that do not use lithium and are safer and more powerful than lithium in order to contribute to the global electrification of vehicles.

Finally, we have succeeded in developing a completely new concept of battery.

That is the Copper Ion Battery (CIB®), which we have now patented.


CIB®(Copper Ion Battery)
Cu (copper) as cathode active material
Al (Aluminum) for anode active material
Consists of separator (containing electrolyte)
A simple three-layer rechargeable battery.

Assumed battery response

Features of CIB®

Advantage Disadvantage
■Simple battery structure:Only Cu, Al and electrolyte

■Low cost:Material cost・Extremely low production costs

■No active material required

■No rare metals

■Simplified manufacturing process・Easy to mass-produce

■High theoretical energy density

■Possible short-circuit due to metal deposition reaction
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Structural comparison with lithium ion battery (LIB) batteries

■ Since Cu and Al serve as the active material and current collector, the structure is by far simpler than the LIB structure.

CIB®(Copper Ion Battery)
Patent No. 7343116
LIB(Lithium Ion Battery)
CIBの構造図 CIBの構造図

Energy density of various active materials

■ Energy Density Comparison

Energy Density Comparison Table

■ Cu has about 3 times the weight energy density of Li(Co, Mn, Ni)O2 and about 6 times the volume energy density.

Prototype demonstration of the principle

Simplified assembly demo

Global Storage Battery Market Trends(Capacity based/World)

Global Storage Battery Market Trends

The overall 2020 storage battery market is 266GWh, but is expected to be 2,428.4GWh by 2035, 15 years later.

Thus, the demand for storage batteries will continue to increase.


What the world needs now.

It is a storage battery that uses a material that replaces lithium, which is being called out as a concern that it will be depleted.


Batteries change. The world changes.

Please look forward to CIB® (Copper Ion Battery) from CIB Solution Co., Ltd.