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Arucus Solar-powered street light with camera

Arucus Solar-powered street light with camera Solar LED

Arucus Solar-powered street light with camera

In the event of a disaster, solar power, which requires no power source, can quickly provide light and
It is also effective in preventing crime and trouble that cause anxiety. 
Arcus solar-powered streetlights with cameras make a powerful contribution to the safety and security of people and the city.


High-efficiency LED lights brighten the streets even during power outages

Solar-powered street light with camera


Reliable functions that light up your peace of mind.

・The LED light is mercury-free, so it can be used safely for a long time.

・Highly efficient LEDs with 145lm/W and patented dual lenses maintain brightness with less power.

Solar-powered street light with camera
・The illuminance sensor detects ambient brightness and automatically turns the light on and off.

・Automatic brightness adjustment according to the surrounding environment, etc.
  Three dimming modes are available.

・Equipped with a USB port to supply power to cell phones and other devices in an emergency.


Smart cameras detect trouble and crime.

Solar-powered street light with camera 3


Dependable functions to watch over your safety

Power-saving design about 1/20th (about 3W) of a typical camera.

・Will automatically take pictures when there is nuclear movement and save the images to the SD card.

Person detected and photographed images are stored in high quality in the cloud using compression technology.
 At the same time report by email to the administrator.

Microphone and speaker for recording and warning/telling. (Optional)

Equipped with a 2-megapixel optical high-definition camera with a wide-angle lens.
※Various settings are required to use the above and other camera functions.


Zero energy costs


Model number AR-SMC15C AR-SMC30C AR-SMC45C
Power consumption(W) Light source 15W/Wireless cameras≦3W Light source 30W/Wireless cameras≦3W Light source 45W/Wireless cameras≦3W
Rated voltage(V) AC input:AC90~240V(50~60Hz) ※When using optional AC adapter
Color temperature(K) 5,000K
Angle of illumination 134°
Total luminous flux(lm) 2175lm 4350lm 6525lm
Lamp efficiency(lm/W) Average145 lm/W
Color rendering(Ra) Ra>80
Product life(Hours) 50,000hrs
Operating temperature(℃) -20°C~+50℃/10%RH~90%RH
Dust and waterproof protection IP65 standard
External dimension(mm)※1 631×291×42mm 809×361×42mm 999×361×42mm
Main unit weight(kg)※2 Approx. 10.0kg Approx. 13.5kg Approx. 15.8kg
Charging time(h/day) Approx. 8h(Fair weather conditions)
Warranty Period( years) 5 years

※1 Excluding power supply box section ※2Not including camera module


List price
・15W type [AR-SMC15C]  640,000円(tax not included)
・30W type [AR-SMC30C]  800,000円(tax not included)
・45W type [AR-SMC45C] 1,000,000円(tax not included)


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