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“Quick Thermo” thermometer with AI face recognition function

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Quick Thermo

Quick Thermo is an “automatic body temperature detection system with face recognition function” that automatically recognizes a person’s face with a high-precision camera system (registered person’s face recognition function), simultaneously measures the face temperature with a thermal module, and instantly alerts the user with voice. This is an “AI automatic body temperature detection system with face recognition function.

Each piece of information is stored, and the data can be exported for management and operation, as well as for secondary control by connecting to the output port provided as standard.

Security measures and reminders to take temperature and wear masks are performed automatically at the same time.

※This is a brief explanatory video (video size: 2.6MB: approx. 1 minute)

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In response to the global outbreak of the new coronavirus CoVid-19


New coronavirus (CoVid-19) infections that caused pandemics.

The people of Japan have regained a semblance of calm through their self-restraint and have entered a period in which they will have to live with this virus for the foreseeable future as economic activity resumes.

Many companies and stores that will continue or resume operations are required to monitor the health of their employees and related personnel due to the importance of “prevention of clustering” and “prevention of the second and third waves of infection,” and many companies and organizations require daily temperature measurements and health status reports.

In addition, nursing care facilities, day care services and large apartment complexes are also required to check the temperature of their residents and users.

However, the reality is that many companies and organizations have their employees take their body temperatures individually with thermometers and submit a checklist, or measure, check, and record their temperatures with a pistol thermometer or similar device at the time of admission.


Quick Thermo is an automatic temperature detection system with AI function that automatically recognizes human faces with an AI camera system (face recognition function of the registered person), simultaneously measures the surface temperature of the face (body temperature) with a thermal camera in a non-contact manner, accumulates data, and alerts the user with a voice message. This is an automatic body temperature detection system with face recognition function.


Body Temperature Auto-Detection System with AI Face Recognition Quick Thermo

Quick Thermoイメージ 1 Quick Thermoイメージ 2

Product Features

・ Non-contact Thermal Modules(Germany Heimann company manufactured)Built-in
・ Temperature measurement range 30-45 (°C) Accuracy ± 0.3 (°C)
・2Mega pixelBuilt-in high-sensitivity motion camera。
・ Identifies those not wearing a mask and issues an audible warning

・ AI recognizes and alerts the user with voice, displaying measured temperatures and facial images on a 7-inch screen, with or without masks, etc.
・ Automatic recording of each person’s entry/exit date/time, measured temperature, and image through facial recognition

・ The database for face recognition can register up to 22,400 persons from camera images via dedicated software.
・ High-speed operation of less than 500 ms with a face recognition algorithm that accurately recognizes faces even when masks are worn
・ Automatically stores measurement date, time, temperature, and facial images in internal memory
・ Measurement data can be exported to Excel from specialized PC software
・ The screen of the analyzer can be displayed in real time on a PC via LAN, and an alarm screen and alarm sound can be activated in case of abnormalities in body temperature.
・ The output port can be used for secondary control, such as automatic opening and closing of entrance gates, guidance to another traffic line, lighting of patrol lights, etc. It can also be applied to attendance control and can read IC cards such as employee IDs, etc.

Advantages of this system

Advantages of Quick Thermo


Linkage with PC


Linkage with Quick Thermo PC

By connecting to a PC, it is possible to register various settings (e.g., set body temperature, enable/disable face recognition function, enable/disable no-mask notification, enable/disable various types of notification, etc.), monitor in another room (in the case of multiple terminals, a single PC can monitor all terminals at once using the multi-monitor function), edit and manage face recognition subjects, and export data. (In the case of multiple terminals, the multi-monitor function enables batch monitoring of all terminals from a single PC.

Automation of entry records, temperature inspections, and other tasks at the reception desk can significantly reduce risk for the person in charge.


Real-time monitoring on PC
 ※Monitoring software can be downloaded from our web page

Quick Thermo モニタリングイメージ
※The images shown are for reference only.


Export measurement data to Excel

※Export functionality is provided as a function of the monitoring software

Quick Thermo エクスポートイメージ

The PC browser is linked to the terminal to register conditions, face recognition, and enable/disable settings. In addition, from the terminal, various data such as facial photos, date and time, and temperature records for specified periods such as days, weeks, and months can be exported to Excel.


Installation image

Large office building

General Office


Nursing in the home・Schools, etc.

In various places such as entrance/exit gates, reception areas, schools, hospitals, various facilities, and stores, it is necessary to check temperatures, confirm the wearing of masks, and manage contact histories, etc., and staffing for this purpose is required amid the risk of direct contact.

Quick Thermo instantly performs facial recognition function, body temperature measurement, and mask-wearing confirmation, notifies by voice, and stores images, entry/exit records, and temperature test results for management operation.

Dedicated floor stand

ZX-B2001C Dedicated floor stand
Material properties Aluminum /Iron
Size(mm) 1140(H)
250(Base Size・W)
250(Base Size・L)

Specification・Various factors or elements

qs_0001 qs_0002 qs_0003 qs_0004

Model name ZX-TN2M7A
OS Linux operation system
Image sensor 1/2.7″ CMOS Image sensor
Camera Parameters
Number of pixels 2Mega pixel,1920×1080
Brightness Color 0.01Lux @F1.2(ICR); B/W 0.001Lux @F1.2
Facial recognition
Distance 0.5-2m
Angle of view  Dihedral angle ±40 degrees
Judgment time Less than 500ms
Feature 22,400 face matches and 100,000 data records
Temperature measurement(Thermo camera Made in Germany
Temperature sensor Thermal sensor (Heimann, Germany)
Scope 30〜45(℃)
Accuracy ±0.3(℃)
Distance 0.5〜0.9m
Response Time Less than 300ms
LAN RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet
Alarm OUT No-voltage contact output
USB port For maintenance (unused)
Power DC 12V/3A AC adapter use
Power Consumption 20W(MAX)
Operating temperature 0℃ 〜 +50℃
Operating humidity 5〜90%, Not allowed in water vapor
Size(mm) Assembled size 390(H)×280(W)×255(L)
Mass(kg) 1.9(Body) 1.1(Frame) Gross weight 3.0

Product Composition

With camera and temperature sensor7”main unit of a monitor(ZX-TN2M7A) × 1 unit
Set stand × 1 unit
AC power cable × 1 formula
Handling instructions × 1 formula
Photography and temperature measurement data monitoring・Export Software
(Download from our web page)

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Precautions for use

・ This device is designed for indoor use. It cannot be used outdoors.
・ Heating equipment or other air conditioning equipment within 3m may affect measurement accuracy.
・ The measured temperature is the surface temperature of the face, not the deep body temperature measured with a thermometer. The measurement error is ±0.3°C. 
・ If an abnormal body temperature is determined, a formal deep body temperature measurement is recommended.
・ Due to seasonal outdoor air quality, measurement accuracy may be
affected if measurements are taken immediately after coming indoors from outdoors.
It is recommended that you wait 2-3 minutes after entry to take your measurement.

・ The temperature may be measured lower than the actual body temperature due to water, sebum, sweat, heavy makeup, deep wrinkles, etc.
・ Please read the instruction manual carefully and use the product properly.
・ Only Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later is guaranteed for the PC operating environment.


We can help you to prevent infection under the new lifestyle of living with a new type of coronavirus.


For sales prices, please inquire at the store where the product is sold.
We also accept requests for demo equipment. Please feel free to contact us.

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