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Nagano Iida City Hospital

長野県飯田市立病院様 QuickThermo Introduction Results

1.Operation start date   Full-scale operation will begin on June 11, 2020

2.Location   Installed in the front entrance area of the hospital

3.Voice of the person in charge

○ We have introduced a thermal camera that can automatically measure the surface temperature of the human body as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection, so that you can come to our clinic with peace of mind.

○ The introduction of this device has automated temperature measurement and greatly reduced the burden on visitors and staff. Visitors can now take their own temperatures, which has been very well received.

○ It is also used for temperature checks of staff and is utilized as a measure to prevent nosocomial infections.

長野県飯田市立病院様01  長野県飯田市立病院様02