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“Ciel Bleu” space sterilization equipment with new technology

Ciel Blue Products handled

If you know that ‘ozone’ kills bacteria and viruses, but are afraid of it because you think it is harmful to humans, we recommend the Coronon Series OH Radical Space Sterilizer ‘Ciel Bleu’.

Please see the video first.

Destroys and removes proteins on the surface of bacteria and viruses.

The highly reactive Free Radicals (O2-, OH-, HOO-, etc.) oxidize the cell membranes of airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful substances. H-drained viruses and other harmful substances are converted to oxygen and water molecules, damaging and destroying their DNA.
Through this process, the harmful substance is inactivated. This is how “Ciel Bleu” is able to kill (eliminate) harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. 

The test results speak volumes about Ciel Bleu’s performance.

【Table 1】

Item Source of pollution Experimental conditions Result Certification Body
Chambersize TestTime Method
Antiviral New strains of coronavirus
0.085㎥ 0,10,30
Airborne 99.9%(10min)
Swine influenza
(InfluenzaAvirus )
0.2㎥ 0,10,30,60
Airborne 45.1%(10min)
Cat flu
0.2㎥ 0,10,20,30
Airborne 49.0%(10min)
Avian influenza
0.085㎥ 0,10,30
Airborne 99.9%(10min)
Avian influenza
0.085㎥ 0,10,30
Airborne 99.9%(10min)
Zika virus
0.085㎥ 0,10,30
Airborne 97.3%(10min)
Bacteria elimination Escherichia coli (E. coli)
8㎥ 240(min) Airborne 99.8% Korea Institute of Construction and Environmental Testing
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
8㎥ 240(min) Airborne 99.8%
Staphylococcus aureus
8㎥ 240(min) Airborne 99.9%
Deodorization Ammonia
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 100%
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 100%
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 100%
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 100%
Sulfur dioxide
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 99.5%
Nitrogen dioxide
5LGasBag 240(min) Airborne 99.5%

※The efficacy against new coronaviruses is not guaranteed against all mutant strains such as the delta strain and others. Please note that testing is not possible due to the fact that specimens are not available in the private sector.

For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we conduct performance tests related to sterilization and deodorization at an external inspection agency (Table 1 above is a summary based on such performance tests).

除菌・脱臭関連テスト結果1 除菌・脱臭関連テスト結果2

Of course, we also conduct safety tests on the human body.


The amount of ozone emitted, which is harmful to the human body, is 1/30 of the recommended standard. It has also passed the inhalation toxicity test.

Outstanding space purification capability through the generation of ions that are harmless to the human body is realized with high efficiency and low power consumption.

Feature ・Plasma discharge tube construction method (state-of-the-art technology)
・Sterilization and deodorization by radical generation and ion oxidation
・DC power design maximizes safety from electromagnetic radiation
Performance ・Generated ions: OH radical ions with excellent sterilizing power
・Sterilizing ability: bacteria and viruses
・Deodorizing ability: Deodorizes TVOC and toxic gases
・Antioxidant: Preserves freshness of fresh vegetables
・Power supply: DC12V

Case Studies

“Ciel Bleu” has
been adopted by various facilities to
provide a safe and secure space for everyone.


Office & Meeting Rooms


Elevator hall


Toilets and common areas

Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Nursing homes
Senior citizens’ home
病院・医療施設にも Schools and nurseries
Facilities for children
ホテル・客室にも Hotels and guest rooms
School Dormitory
オフィス・ロビー・待合室にも Office
Waiting room
飲食店・レストラン・バーにも Sports gym
Hair salon
Esthetic salons
百貨店・ショッピングモールなどにも Department stores
Shopping malls
Shopping malls
電車・乗用車など Passenger car
Passenger ship
Food processing plants and warehouses
Food Transportation Vehicles

Ciel Bleu ロゴ

Coronanon Series Product List

■Space Sterilizer Product Specifications

空間除菌機Plasma discharge tube method

Sterilization and deodorization by plasma radical ions emitted from the discharge tube.

Model CB-4200 CB-4300 CB-4400
Size(mm) 264×150×439 264×150×439 264×150×439
Plasma discharge tube
(DPI-3)volume E/A
1 2 3
Power  DC12V,8W DC12V,9W DC12V,10W
Use of area(㎡) 49.5 82.5 115.5
Degermination method Ion Oxidation Method
(OH radical method)
Ion Oxidation Method
(OH radical method)
Ion Oxidation Method
(OH radical method)
Weight(kg) 4.0 4.2 4.4
Warranty Period(year) 6 6 6

※The discharge tube is recommended to be replaced in about 3 years, and the filter should be replaced in 6 months.

■In-vehicle product specifications


Plasma bi-electrode method

The system uses both positive and negative electrodes for semi-permanent use, and sterilizes and deodorizes with oxidized ions.

Model CB-1000
Size(mm) 125×125×35
Power  Micro USB 5Pin
Use of area(㎡) 16.5
Degermination method Ion Oxidation Method
(OH radical method)
Weight(g) 180g
Warranty Period(year) Semi-permanent

※No replacement parts are required and the product can be used semi-permanently.
Recommended for ambulances, nursing home shuttles, dialysis patient shuttles, cabs, etc.


■Product Specifications for Air Conditioning

Plasma UV lamp method
Sterilizes and deodorizes a wide range of spaces using a lamp system that utilizes ultraviolet light.

Model CB-601 Remarks
Size(mm) 100×100×700 Basic Specifications・Can be made to order after consultation
Power  AC110V.50~60hz
Use of area(㎡) 198 Negotiable at the time of production to order
Degermination method Ion Oxidation Method
(OH radical method)
Product Configuration 1)AOP lamp Assy
Weight(kg) 5
Lamp Life(h) 9,000~13,000 1 year to 1 year and 6 months
※The product is not guaranteed to prevent infection or to make the space where it is used sterile. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.※Effectiveness of each demonstration data will vary depending on the conditions of the environment and space used.※Not all harmful substances (tobacco, carbon monoxide, etc.) and odor components (building material odor, pet odor, etc.) in the air that continue to be generated can be removed.※Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and use the product correctly.※Do not use the product with a voltage other than 100 VAC.

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