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Solar Balloon LED Light

Solar Balloon LED Light Solar LED

Solar Balloon LED Light

In times of disaster, reliable light to where it is needed.

Solar-powered, disaster-resistant balloon LED light with solar charging.

No power supply or wiring is required, so it emits a reliable light regardless of location.

Easy to move and use
Solar power generation and storage eliminates the need for power supply and wiring.
They are promptly active in disaster areas, reconstruction/construction sites, evacuation centers, and other places where they are needed.


Up to 36 hours of light on a 6-hour charge
A full charge (approx. 6 hours) provides approx. 12 hours of lighting at 100%, approx. 24 hours at 50%, and approx. 36 hours at 30%.


Safe, quiet, clean
No gasoline-powered generator is used, ensuring safe, quiet, and clean use.
Furthermore, the storage battery also uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are less troublesome than common lithium batteries.


Resistant to water and dust
Waterproof and dustproof performance of JIS standard IP65 is ensured.
It emits powerful light even under adverse outdoor conditions.CIB Solutions Corporation logo 60% transparency


Lights can be raised and lowered freely
The height of the light can be freely adjusted with the elevating pole.
It can illuminate a wide area from a height of up to 3.5m.


Dimming to suit the scene
Up to 10000 lm/W light can be dimmed in 3 levels (100%, 50%, 30%).Brightness can be controlled according to the scene, such as a work site where even the hand is illuminated brightly, or a space where people are resting.


Equipped with a mobile USB port
It can also be conveniently used as a power supply spot for cell phones and other devices in the event of a disaster.


■List price[AR-SBL50W]¥960,000(tax-excluded)



Solar Balloon LED Light

※Some product photos may differ from the actual product.

Electricity consumption USB output port External dimensions(mm) Wind resistance Weight
AC On entry:90~240V(50/60Hz)
(For disaster recharging)
※Varies depending on balloon up/down
※(760) when tires are used as outriggers when fixed
6th grade Approx. 69.0 kg